The Agony of Self (5)

​Today I conclusively challenge you to answer this 👇

      Who Do You Identify With?

Self dependency dont need to have you,

In the opio tune of the “I” blues.

Before you know Him your maker,

The only ONE that has it all together,

That can and will guide you through!

No longer you at the centre,

But you in the father,

And Jesus at the centre.

OH! Halleluyah😀🙌!

(Obedience is you being conscious of God leading your life) …”they that know their GOD…”. Daniel 11:32


The Agony of Self (3)






     The All Time Loser

A glue! To hold it together!

But where is that ‘You’?

As Life in its dawning reality have you dazed,

Saying ‘now, who is the  fool’!

You’d better be careful to say, ‘Oh My God!’

The One you fail to know WHO?!

      …to be continued👍😆

The Agony of Self(1)

Everyday come and go. Each of us move through the days and the days through us. But nonetheless, some take steps and actions base on certain conscious and unconscious decisions they make in and with their lives. So either of us has been or still in this dangerous state of mind, and here today saying this, is not to point fingers, but hoping and praying that His Spirit will open our minds to see it better through the couple of thoughts below👇🏾, just as much I am persuaded to see it too and share it with you😘

           Agony of Self

Self-dependency tells, ‘you’ at the centre,

Self dependency says, ‘you’ holds it all together.

All by ‘yourself’ ‘you’ can go yonder.

But in truth,

Self dependency in its root,…


(Continue on the thought later).✋🙂