I have read A.W. Tozer said all of it too well that it clearly points out the God’s kind of mind that must necessarily rest in us all as His children by the election of the grace made available in the death And resurrection of Christ Jesus to give us life eternal.

    “We must have the positive knowledge that we are clean through His wounds, with God’s peace realized through His stripes. This is how God assures us that we may be all right inside. In this spiritual condition, we will treasure  the purity of His cleansing and we will not excuse any evil or wrongdoing.

    Also we keep upon us a joyful and compelling sense of gratitude for the bruised and wounded One, our Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, what a mystery of redemption–that the bruises of One healed the bruises of many; that the wounds of One healed the wounds of millions; that the stripes of One healed the stripes of many.”

Hence, it is more of our selflessness unto God, far and above our selfishness and self-interestedness. As much as we want to sing the ‘awe’ of God, it is high time we start living and experiencing the awesomeness of God.

“Every humble and devoted believer in Jesus Christ must have his own periods of wonder and amazement at this mystery of godliness-the willingness of Jesus Christ to take our place in judgement and in punishment. If the amazement has all gone out of it, something is wrong, and you need to have the stony ground (heart) broken up again!”         

                                  -A.W. Tozer.


The Church Triumphant

   Today, I go in the thought of Bill and Gloria Gaither, such that sees the great beacon light of hope and the ever-triuphant Church of our Lord Jesus Christ in the face of darkness of the strstegists; those that ridicule, misinterpret, and misrepresent the Truth of the Gospel. Nevertheless, the Church of Christ is alivešŸ™Œ

“God Has Always Had A People!

Many a foolish conquer made the mistake of thinking that because he had forced the Church of Jesus Christ out of sight, that he had stilled its voice and snuffed out its life.

But God Has Always Had A People!

The powerful current of a rushing river is not diminished because it is forced to flow underground. The purest water is the stream that bursts crystal clear into the sunlight after it has fought its way through solid rock.

There have been charlatans who like Simon the magician, sought to barter on the open market that power which cannot be bought or sold 

But God has Always Had A People Men who could not be bought and women who were beyond purchase.



Yes, God Has Always Had A People!

There have been times of affluence and prosperity when the Church’s message was nearly diluted into oblivion by those who sought to make it socially attractive, neatly organized and financially profitable. It has been gold plated ,draped in purple and encrusted with jewels. It has been misrepresented, ridiculed, blotted and scorned.

These followers of Jesus Christ have been according to the whim of the times elevated as sacred leaders and martyred as heretics. Yet through it all, there marches on that powerful army of the meek, God’s chosen people that can’t be bought, flattered, murdered or stilled. On through the ages they march.

The Church, God’s Church Triumphant, is Alive and Well!”